Our family  homesteading ranch  was established in 2011. We have been breeding raising training and competing with our animals for over 30 years . After retiring from our grooming and hunting supply business in 2013 we were blessed  to be able to go all in, full time on our homesteading ranch. Click below for a peek around the ranch. 

About Us


A.K.C. English Springer Spaniel


Top quality English Springer Spaniels. Bred for superior minds and structure. We have liver and white black and white and tricolors, our dogs are available both with (English style) and without tails. Our springers are outstanding, they do great in the field and in competition and are great on the couch too. Always excelling in every thing they do.


A.K.C. Poodles

 Elegant and intelligent poodles. Well breed solid lines that are not only smart loving dogs they are beautiful. Both Standard, Moyans, and Miniatures. Blacks Parti-Colors, True  Reds, Apricots and Creams.


Hypoallergenic Non-Shedding Doodles

 Living teddy bears  Non-shedding  hypoallergenic and Amazing family dogs. We are very particular with the blood lines we put together, striving for amazing temperaments solid structure. We have amazing solid colors and particolors, from blacks to reds.Highly intelligent and eager to please. meet our doodle and you will fall in love. 

Contact Us

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We love to hear from others that share the same love for family and animals as we have. feel free to call with any questions we would be happy to talk to you.

Haskeez Ranch

MAILING ADDRESS p.o. box 390904 Anza Ca. 92539